Earthly Designs/Mobile Lawn Service

Industry Trained, Certified, Licensed and Insured.

Earthly Designs/Mobile Lawn Service are a complete landscape grounds maintenance contractors company located in the Palm Beach County, Florida.  Our diverse services include Tractor with Bush Hog mowing, Commercial grounds management, Horticulture consultant programs, Residential/Estate landscape maintenance, along with Landscape construction subcontracting, Tree/plant removals, Landscape enhancement projects, Clean-outs or Installations, and Vegetation hauling with debris removal.  

Our experienced landscapers guarantee clean, prompt service.


Mobile Lawn Service has an array of landscape industry certifications as a professional landscaping company who has been beautifying landscapes throughout the Palm Beach and Broward area since 1989. 

We welcome industrial complexes, community POA/HOA developments, private estates, residential and commercial properties. 

Word of wisdom: Don't trust your landscaping to anyone with a lawnmower as it may cause unforeseen personal liability. 

Mobile Lawn Service is industry trained, certified, licensed and insured.  We are backed with years of experience along with a wealth of training experiences and higher education expertise. at the same prices as inexperienced landscapers.